"An army marches on its stomach."

-Napoleon Bonaparte

One of the great things about living in a paddling community like Bellingham is getting to participate in local charity races like the Lake Padden Paddle for Food Relay at the very end of the racing season. Organized by Peter Marcus, the relay is in it's fourth year and is food drive fund raiser to support the Bellingham Food Bank.


Peter's concept for the race is terrific. Take paddlers from all ends of the spectrum, and put them together in teams of four that race in three mass start waves. The lowest cumulative time wins, and each team must use some strategy to manage their transitions and laps. 

One aspect that struck me as being so unique about this race, is that you typically don't get to cheer in kayak racing because there is just one mass start, and well, you don't really have any teammates to cheer for anyways. You can cheer for yourself of course, but maybe just in your head.