Yesterday (3.14.15) was the Bellingham Bay Rough Water Challenge, and it's name lived up to its promise with sustained 30mph wind, big waves and 70 or so highly motivated paddlers from California, Oregon, Washington and Canada. Stoked to have placed well against a stout field, and especially so after coming out of an prolonged stressful work season that has made it very hard to train. A bit of a bummer to have the course edited back due to the huge conditions, but great to finally meet Carter Johnson, and had a blast nipping at his heels.  

Today winter served up another helping of high wind and cold temps, so I met up with two paddling buds to grab some more waves at a favorite Seattle paddling spot, the West Point lighthouse at Discovery Park. This spot is a keeper when a north eastern wind blows because the bluff forms a natural wind shelter for the upwind leg, and the downwind run offers relatively clean wide waves.