Decided to upgrade the bailer on the Ego Smuggler to the new style Epic bailer. It's not cheap at $70, but it's usability is dramatically better and unlike the previous Anderson Mini-bailer, it doesn't leak. 

The bailer fits into the existing whole perfectly. I also added a simple adhesive leash tab that Huki makes. I use a small piece of elastic chord, which makes the bailer close with a light tap of the foot (vs. a hard kick which can break the bailer). 

And while I was at it, I also fabricated some custom strike pads and a velcro foot strap cover to give the stock strap a bit more structure, and to help prevent chaffing on long days out.  

The strike pads are made out a super tough 1mm thick self adhesive EVA foam. Finally, I decided to integrate the drinking tube as a pass through the rear hatch. This has the benefit of allowing a very large, 7L dromedary bag to support a day of hard paddling, as well as getting the weight of the water as low in the ski as possible for stability. If you elect to design a similar system, you might try an aquarium store for sourcing a long segment of tubing. Make sure that your tubing is bio-safe, and not simple PVC or clear vinyl plastic found in hardware stores, which has been known to leach toxic and cancerous chemicals directly into your water.