I am racing a new V14GT this year, so it's time to sell my current race ski.

This is a very nice ski, in excellent condition and weighs in just under 26 pounds. No, this is not a beginner surfski, but for a serious paddler who wants to become an even better paddler with a competitive edge at your next race, this is a proven race-winning machine. 

If you paddle an Epic V10 / V12, Think Uno Max, Fenn Elite or similar ski well, you might be surprised how easy it is make the jump to the K1 like performance of the V14. 

The V14 Ultra is a low volume ski with a very narrow catch. The seat is very comfortable, and a touch higher than most skis, which makes for a very powerful paddling position (hips tilted slightly forward, paddle entry past the foot brace). I find the ski particularly fast going upwind in small chop as well, as there is very little bow slap. The seating position does raise the CG, making the ski very responsive with a fast rate of roll (aka tippy!). As with most ski's, the more you paddle it the more natural and predictable it will feel. Remounting is straightforward with good technique, as the ski has low sides. 

Going downwind, the low volume makes it a ski that is very good at transitioning from one wave to the next. It just punches through the slop and is a great "hill climber" if you're late getting on a wave. Below is a demo of the V14 downwind, by Matthew Bouman: 

Asking $2500 USD with your choice of rudder (surf or flat-water). Located in Bellingham.

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