Race Start of Winter Series #1 – Lake Union Race – Hui Wa’a O Wakinikona - Photo by Michael Hammer

Teamed up with Don Kiesling to create a draft 2016 regional Surfski, OC1 and SUP racing calendar for the PNW. This is primarily for Oregon, Washington and BC with a few exceptions for the classics. Really cool to see there are multiple races to choose from on the same weekend, a few of which are events that will be attended by the sport's top athletes. Dates with an asterisk next to them are a best guess for when / if the race will occur. If there is a race you know of that you don't see listed below, post a comment and I'll update the list throughout the season. 

2016 Pacific Northwest Regional Surfski, OC1 and SUP Calendar (download a PDF)

Click for hi-res.