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We're all in-between swims.

This poor chap is having a rough go of paddling a V12. Needs to be a bit more patient on the remount, and much faster on the catch to prevent needing to remount - but credit for giving it a go. The V12 is rather unforgiving that way, you either have it right or you're swimming. 

I paddled my V12 the other day and was impressed with the overall stability, but it had a distinct "loose" feeling going downwind that is a bit unnerving. I now much prefer the V14, which while it lacks in primary and secondary stability, is much more predictable underfoot and very fast. I genuinely love having a low volume boat, especially in upwind chop. The lack of volume really helps with bow-slap. 

It's funny to write that, because it seems like just yesterday I was getting absolutely thumped trying to paddle an Epic V10sport, the golden retriever of surfskis; very forgiving and easy going. It may even bring you your slippers in the morning.

Which is exactly the point of this post. Spend enough time in the bucket, pay your dues, and work very hard to expand your skill sets and even the tippiest dragon of a ski starts to feel a bit more tame. 

Surfski paddling has a steep learning curve that is humbling, especially to someone like me with little to zero background in water sport. But maybe what makes it so addicting is because its hard. And getting good at something hard is very rewarding.